6.3% of pupils say they are being bullied at school

StudentStudent.Photo: pixabay.com

Last year, in a student survey, 6.3% of pupils in Norwegian schools answered that they are bullied two to three times a month or more.

6.3% is an overall figure for pupils who, in some combination or other, are bullied by peers, adults at school, or digitally by their classmates.

If one considers only those who are bullied by their peers, the figure is 4.6%. In this category, an excess of 40% of responders said that no adults knew about the bullying.

16% answered that the school knew about the bullying, but took no action to stop it.

Regarding the type of bullying, almost 70% of students responded that they are bullied often, by being called names, and teased in a hurtful manner.

46% are bullied outside school grounds, and stalked, while 23% experienced physical bullying.

‘It’s serious. Pupils should be taken seriously when they say they are bullied. Those who work in schools must have training in how to detect and stop bullying, and follow up the students involved and the milieu. We have several offers open to schools to strengthen this vital expertise’, said the Director of the Education Directorate, Hege Nilssen.

1.8% reported being bullied by adults at school two to three times a month or more, and 1.9% responded that they have been bullied digitally two to three times a month or more.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today