7 out of 10 in High School are stressed

StudentStudent.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

7 out of 10 students experience High School as stressful

A new survey shows that many students attending secondary school are stressed by tests. Three of ten say it goes out over their nightly sleep.

Researchers at the University of Southeastern Norway have asked about 700 junior school students about mental stress and turmoil in school life. The results are mentioned by NRK.

Seven out of ten respondents experience school work as stressful, while three out of ten stress themselves out so bad that they sleep poorly the night before an exam.

The survey also shows that girls struggle more than boys.

“For some students self-fulfilment and the school’s demands and expectations are too high. In such situations, one reacts in different ways. While some give up, others may struggle to perform as well as their peers,” says professor of pedagogy at the University of Southeastern Norway, Marie-Lisbet Amundsen. She stands behind the study together with Professor Per Einar Garmannslund.

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