The absence in secondary schools reduced by one third

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Far more high school students met up for the first school class of the day this year compared to last year.

– There is so much hassle if you are away from school, people can not be bothered to shirk any longer, Synne Caroline Wegner Ingeberg (17) tells

She is a 2nd grade student at the Eikeli high school in Bærum.

Last year, each student had an average of 15.4 hours of absence from her school for the first lesson. After the new, stricter absence limit was introduced in autumn at the behest of the Government, absence has fallen to nine hours.

The massive decline in absence applies to all secondary schools in Asker and Bærum. The latest figures from Akershus are revealed based on the period from the start of the school year until January 15th.

Overall hourly absence decreased by 37.6 percent for students in Asker and Bærum. Daily absence has likewise been reduced by 35.6 percent.

The trend was clear already after two months with the new regulations. When Budstikka assessed the situation November, decline in absence was already at roughly 25 percent.


Source: / Norway Today