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Agreement to introduce a national absenteeism limit

students graduates from secondary school higher education High SchoolsHigh School Students. Photo:


The Conservatives, FRP, Ap and Sp have agreed that they will introduce a national absenteeism limit for  all High schools. The level has  not yet been quantified, but the majority refers to a proposal of a 15 percent limit.

This will be the National maximum absenteeism limit and there is a majority in Parliament for that. We want a national school absenteeism limit accompanied by research and careful evaluation after three years, says the Conservative school policy spokesman Kent Gudmundsen .
Last week the Labour party put an end to the government’s desire for a limit of 10 percent. But on Tuesday the coalition parties , the Conservatives and the Progress Party , agreed with the Labor and Center Party on a compromise when the proposal was presented to the Education Committee.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today