Listhaug attacks #metoo and feminism

Listhaug feminism book #metooSylvi Listhaug launches her book 'Hvor andre tier' on Kagge publishers. Photo: Kagge /NTM

Listhaug attacks #metoo and feminism

– According to feminism, it’s a case of sexual harassment every time a man whistles at you, writes Sylvi Listhaug in her current book.


The Deputy Leader of the Progress Party (Frp), releases her book «Der andre tier» (Where others keep quiet), today. In the book, she writes that cases involving sexual harassment often gets way too much attention, according to NRK.

– That a slap on the behind or unacceptable behaviour can be mentioned in the same breath as gross sexual abuse and maltreatment is disrespectful to those who experience such horrible things, Listhaug writes in the book.

According to the Frp politician, the #metoo campaign has led us to approach a social climate in which it pays to pretend to be a victim.

– According to feminist argumentation, it seems that young women break down completely due to any inappropriate slur from a man.

According to NRK, Listhaug believes that the radical left looks at being a victim as some form of capital, which can be used to emphasise its own position and as an argument for being quoted.

– If feminism entailed equal rights and no special treatment because of gender, I’d call myself a feminist. – We can not both be treated equally and make claims to be treated differently, writes the Deputy Leader of Frp, Sylvi Listhaug.


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