Aid for education makes a real difference

School children in Wau, Sør-SudanSchool children in Wau, Sør-Sudan. Credit: Ken Opprann

-263 million children and young people are currently out of school.


This has major consequences in social, economic and security terms, not only for the countries that are lagging behind, but also for the rest of the international community. That is why Norway has given priority to aid for education, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

Norway has stepped up its aid for education significantly. A new report from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Norad, shows the results of these efforts between 2013 and 2016.

-Education is essential for promoting development and fighting poverty. We have reached our goal of doubling aid for education during this parliamentary period, from NOK 1.7 billion to NOK 3.4 billion. I am very pleased with the results we have now achieved. They show that our efforts are paying off, said Mr Brende.

The report shows that Norwegian aid for global education in the period 2013-2016 helped to ensure that:

  • over 3.1 million girls and boys received schooling each year, including 1.6 million children in areas affected by conflict and fragility;
  • 11 million pupils received teaching materials, and over 8.5 million school textbooks were distributed;
  • 140 000 teachers were given training; and
  • more than 5 400 classrooms were built or upgraded in areas affected by conflict and fragility.

Currently, around 37 million children of school age do not receive an education because of crises and conflicts. Norway’s humanitarian aid for education in crisis situations increased from NOK 67 million in 2013 to NOK 474 million in 2016.

-The fact that children and young people are missing out on all or parts of their education as a result of wars and conflicts is a huge problem. We have therefore intensified our efforts to ensure that the most vulnerable children, and particularly girls, receive an education, said Mr Brende.

-Norway has played a leading role at the international level to put education higher up on the global agenda. It is vital that the focus on education is maintained. When the G20 leaders met at the Hamburg summit in July, the financing of education was included in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration for the first time, partly as a result of Norway’s efforts, said Mr Brende.

The report can be downloaded here:


Source: / Norway Today