The AUF leader wishes to abolish homework

Hadia Tajik Mani Hussaini Labour Party HomeworkHadia Tajik and Mani Hussaini from the Labour Party.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The AUF leader wishes to abolish homework

AUF leader Mani Hussaini does not want homework in Norwegian schools anymore. He believes it is an outdated learning method, and asks his parent party (Labour) to consider abolishing the scheme.


– Homework cements social divisions between people. When Norwegian students need to learn parts of the curriculum at home, it is often down to who your parents are if you are going to be able to learn what is required, Hussaini tells Dagbladet.

He also emphasizes that homework is often a time thief that puts pressure on both students and parents.

– Homework requires a lot of more time, often many hours each day. Many students and parents experience everyday life as hectic enough, they do not want afternoons and evenings to be spent on quarrels about homework, says Hussaini to the newspaper.

Conservatives disagrees

The leader of the education association, Steffen Handal, says to Dagbladet that they are neither for or against homework, but that the proposal from Hussaini may be worth trying out.

The leader of Young Conservatives, Sandra Bruflot, reminds that this is not a new debate, but is disappointed that Labour is .joining the bandwagon.

– It is true that schools are not good enough at balancing out social differences. Something has to be done about that. But nobody performs poorer in school by doing homework. It’s good to be able to learn how to work independently and not a god idea to remove it, Bruflot tells the newspaper.


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