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Better reading results in national tests

readerReader.Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix


Many fifth formers have become good at reading.This appeared in the results of this year’s national tests.


The proportion with level 1 for reading,which is the lowest, has fallen from 25.4% in 2016 to 23.2% in 2018.

At the same time, the proportion has increased for those measured at level 2,from 50.7% to 54.5%. On the other hand,the share with level 3 has decreased slightly, from 23.9 to 22.3%.

Several of the country’s largest municipalities have seen progress since 2016 in several subjects.

In Drammen,the proportion of students at the highest level of reading proficiency has increased by 2.4%,and Tromsø has seen an increase of the highest level at 4.2%.

Sandnes has received a higher proportion of students at the highest level in English by 4.3%,while the percentage of students at the lowest level has decreased by 5.7%. This has decreased by 3.9% in the neighbouring municipality of Stavanger.

Oslo is the municipality with the largest share of level 3 in both reading, English and maths.Bærum had the lowest percentage of level 1 students on all samples.

On a national basis,the distribution between the three levels has been relatively similar in numeracy and English since 2014.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


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