Students request cancellation of exam

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Students request cancellation of exam after mess up with assignment texts

The high school students who had exams in Political and Human Rights this week received different assignments depending on whether they received the assignment in bokmål or nynorsk. They therefore request cancellation of the exam.


A total of 2,630 graduates were examined in this subject on Monday this week. A large number of students despair over this and several other blunders at the Directorate of Education that led to errors and deviatons in several of the year’s exam papers, Aftenposten writes.

– Students who get poor grades because they have been misled about the assignment text have good reason to complain. I also think that the Directorate of Education should cancel the exam for the students, says Mathias Opdal Weseth, to the newspaper. Weseth is the head of Akershus Student Council and a student at Nadderud High School,

The text in the bokmål (common Norwegian) version in politics and human rights was as follows: “Discuss challenges related to the role of national and other actors and opportunities to cope with international challenges, such as for example, the refugee crisis.”

Words left out from the nynorsk version of the assignment

In the ‘nynorsk’ version were the words “role” and “possibilities” left out. The text was this: “Discuss challenges for national states and other actors when dealing with international challenges, such as the refugee crisis.”

In addition to differences in the assignment texts, the attachments were tainted by five distinct language errors. The student leader and several students the newspaper has talked to recently, also point out language inaccuracies in the Norwegian language exam for the 47,696 affected students

Department Director Hedda Birgitte Huse in the Directorate of Education apologize for the errors, but says it is not appropriate to cancel this year’s exam in politics and human rights.


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