Children born early in the year do better in school

Newborn New Year's babiesNewborn baby looking at the world. Photo:Pixabay

Pupils born late in the year leave primary school with poorer grades than other students and get lower scores on national exams, according to a new study submitted to the Directorate of Education on Wednesday.

The analysis also reports that the birth month can affect the choice of high school and students born late in the year rarely choose the study preparation education programme.

It emphasises that the differences diminish when the pupils get older and it does not provide a basis for saying how these pupils will perform in the long term.

The analysis shows that there is still a need for early efforts in school, observed the Minister of Knowledge and Integration, Jan Tore Sanner (H).

“We want to move the competence closer to the children so that more people get help from those who are skilled enough to do so. The new curricula from the next school year will give students a more practical and explorative everyday life. Younger students will learn more through play,” said Sanner.

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