Conservative Party in Nord-Trøndelag wants to ban hijab for children

Conservative Party in Nord-Trøndelag will ban hijab in childrenHijab on children

Nord-Trøndelag Right  want a ban on children in primary schools wearing the hijab at school,  .
The Nord Trøndelag chapter of the Conservative party held an annual meeting at the weekend. Nord-Trondelag Conservative Party Women’s Forum had suggested a ban,on hijabs and and a majority of the people at the meeting were in favor of the proposal,  the newspaper Adresseavisen reports.
Female Forum believes  hijabs on children restricts the freedom of children and youth.
The Conservatives politician Mahmoud Farahmand Telemark tabled a   proposal  to the Conservative program committee in February to ban the use of hijab in elementary school.
– We must be aware that social control is a challenge we have in some communities today and the challenge will  lessen in the future,  Farahmand said when the proposal was tabled.
The chairman of the program committee of the Conservatives, Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen welcomes debate.
– This is a big discussion, which fits well with our work in the program. And it raises some fundamental issues that are also of interest,  Røe Isaksen said to the NRK TV news in late February.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today