Debt relief should create more student teachers


Young people who consider education as teachers should note the fresh debt relief scheme. It can reduce the student loan by more than 100,000 kroner.


The deadline for applying for higher education through Coordinate admission expires on April 15.

“I am concerned that people become educated, not unemployed, and we will need many teachers in the years to come,” said the head of the Parliamentary Education Committee, Fremskrittsparti’s (Frp’s) Roy Steffensen.

“A teacher is one of the most important professions in society, as they motivate children, rouse curiosity,and are helping to shape the future,” he added.

The scheme that allows parts of the student loan to be waived was revealed last autumn. This means that students who complete primary school teacher education in Grades 1 to 7 may have cut 106,000 kroner from the student loan. The condition is that you complete the course in the normal time, and work as a teacher for at least three of the following six years.

Other teaching students may also be entitled to debt relief and can combine this with another NOK 55,000 in debt relief if they work as a teacher in Northern Norway for at least three of the first six years after completing their education.


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