Driving lessons shouldn’t be considered as school absence

Sharply reduced accident risk for young people in trafficDriving.Photo.Pixabay

Many youngsters may use the summer holiday to obtain driver’s license due to new school absenteeism rules. Fremskrittspartiet (Frp)
wants to give students free driving lessons.


This summer there are several places with waiting lists to take the driver’s test of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. In some places,the waiting time is two to three months, reported NRK news.

The reason is largely due to the new absenteeism rules in upper secondary school, which means that  students will not qualify for subjects
if they have more than 10% unexplained absenteeism. Mandatory driving hours given to such skills as driving on slippery ice, or long-distance driving, aren’t considered as approved reasons for school absence today.

Frp wants upper secondary schools to approve the mandatory driving hours. During the National Conference, the party unanimously
agreed that they would make driving training easier for the students to accomplish.

‘There is no doubt that the absence limit was correct, and that it’s needed, but one must see this in its whole  context, and put some sense
into it,’ said Lill-Harriet Sandaune of Frp, to NRK news.

Parliamentary representative for Høyre (Right), Henrik Asheim, doesn’t support Frp’s proposal. He argues that the school prepares  students for working life.

‘You must actually get used to things like taking driving lessons. You can’t take work time, you have to do them in your spare time. Driving
schools must also adapt the service to suit the times when customers have the opportunity to take driving training’.

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