Entry ban creates problems for Norwegian students at US universities

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With the new entry ban for students to the United States, the Association for Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA) fears that the everyday life of Norwegians studying at American universities will be turned on its head.

Hanna Flood, ANSA’s President, is afraid that uncertainty about the study status and time zones will make everyday life difficult for Norwegian students who take courses in the United States.

“It is a challenge especially for students on, for example, the West Coast, who have nine hours time difference from Norway. We have many Norwegian students and when they are here they can experience a very unfavourable schedule,” said Flood.

She added that most of the students she has spoken to have already returned from the US, and is pleased that the Norwegian authorities have shown an understanding of the unusual situation that many foreign students are now facing.

“We are pleased that the Loan Fund and the Ministry of Education have made it easy to adapt to the situation. There are many who can now accept the places they have received abroad, and the students would rather take their places as soon as possible,” said Flood.

The Loan Fund confirmed to NTB in an email that they will continue the exception rules from the spring semester to autumn 2020 as well. The exception has given students the right to loans and grants although they are not based where they are studying.

Rule change can affect hundreds of Norwegians
On Monday, the U.S. Immigration Authority, ICE announced a rule change for residence permits for foreign students at U.S. educational institutions for the upcoming semester.

Students are not allowed to stay or enter the country if the tuition at the study site is only online.

In 2019, Norwegian students went to various educational institutions in the United States in 1988. NRK writes that hundreds of these may be affected by the new rules.

Well-known universities such as Harvard and Berkley have already confirmed that they will conduct digital distance education. The latter is the most popular university in the United States among Norwegian students.

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