Experts agree on safest educational choices

Students at the universityStudents at the university.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix NB! MODELLKLARERT

Sunday is the application deadline for higher education.


The safest professions are in the fields of health, IT and technology, education and teaching, according to experts.

“The easiest thing is to find something you are interested in,but that also provides good job opportunities,” said senior adviser and labour market expert at Nav, Johannes Sørbø,to Aftenposten newspaper.

The experts agree on four different education directions as the safest choices. Researcher, Victoria Sparrman, at Statistics Norway (SSB), said nurses are particularly needed in health.

“We always get reports of a major lack of nurses. Demand will increase when the proportion of older people grows over the next few years,’’ Sørbø confirmed.

Sparrman also said that service industries are growing strongly.

“This means that mechanical subjects and construction subjects will have much greater demand than there are people. IT students will also be asked for more than is the present average,’’ she said.

Competence Director at NHO and Educational Researcher, Are Turmo,said that if you choose the engineering industry, it is the construction,electrical and industrial fields that apply most strongly.

“Professionals in these areas are also strongly in demand,” he said.Sørbø confirmed that going to work and taking a diploma is a good option.

Finally, experts are unanimous in that the teaching profession is also a safe choice.

‘’Within educational subjects, many will retire in the years to come. Therefore,there will be a great need to cover this,” Sparrman said.


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