Few expulsions from Kongeparken

Russen Russ Kongeparken sex videoRuss (Norwegian students celebrating the end of 13 years in school) : Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

More expulsions from Stavanger and Haugesund than from Kongeparken

The start of this year’s “Russ” gathering for about 20,000 Graduate students at Kongeparken and Lillehammer has mostly been painless, according to the police in Stavanger and Lillehammer.


About 14,000 “Russ” are gathered at Kongeparken at Ålgård near Stavanger this weekend.

– Given that there are so many participants, I would say it has gone very good this far, says Operations Manager in the Southwest Police District, Brit Randulff, to NTB.

Three persons have been expelled from the event. One did not possess a ticket, one had made minor damage to property and the last one was in possession of drugs. Additionally, two persons ended up in the drunk tank due to intoxication, the police reports.

– I would certainly say that the behaviour has been good. We have had several more expulsions from the centre of Stavanger and Haugesund than from Kongeparken, says Randulff.

A “Russ” bus was also banned from the event due to discovery of drugs in the vehicle.

In Lillehammer there are also many “Russ” gathered to celebrate this weekend. Around 6,000 “Russ” are expected to attend this event, which lasts until Sunday. Here too, the first phase seems to have passed without any major problems.

– There is nothing special to report from there. It looks very good so far, says Operations Manager in the Inland Police District, Dyre Antonsen, to NTB.

“Russ” praise from the Oslo police

The police in the Oslo police district were prepared for extra trouble in connection with the “Russ” celebrations on the night of May 1st. They’ve behaved well, the police say.

Between 10 and 12 “Russ” buses were gathered outside McDonald’s at E18 in Asker that night, and the police reports of an aggressive mood among the around 250 people on the spot.

– All of them wished to enter McDonald’s at the same time, but McDonald’s opposed this. It began to develop an aggressive mood, but the patrol gained control of the situation, says Operations Manager in the Oslo Police District, Cathrine Sylju, to NTB.

The Police in the capital state that they went out on a total of twelve assignments in connection with the celebrations. May 1st is known to be a big party night for the “Russ” and the Oslo police were prepared for extra work, but:

– In general, I would say that they have performed well. There have been few reactions from the police. They should be praised for that, says Sylju, who informs that there has been one expulsion and one driving ban.

– I describe the night as a regular night before a Sunday, the Operation Manager sums up.


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