Fewer applicants for Police Academy

PolicePolice .Photo: Norway Today Media

4874 people have applied to the Police Academy in 2017. That’s a decline of almost 14 percent compared with 2016.

According to Police Forum, the number of applicants increased for five consecutive years before the year registered a decline. This year there are fewer applicants than both 2016 and 2015.

– Police Academy has experienced record numbers of applications over several years. We cannot assume that this continues. This year’s number of applicants is still high, and this provides a good basis for the further admission process, said acting principal Tor Tanke Holm.

Among applicants there are 45.8 percent women and 54.2 percent are men. This is the highest proportion of women Police Academy has ever had. The average age is fairly constant at 22.4 years.

Police have a goal to reach two police officers per thousand residents in 2020. Therefore, taken into 720 students at PHS this year, but next year the number of students will be reduced, writes Police Forum.

Police Directorate has in its recommendation to the Ministry of Justice proposed to reduce from 720 to between 500 and 550 available positions.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today