Fewer people apply for teacher education

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Despite record high numbers of applicants for higher education, there is a large decrease in the number of people applying for teacher education.

The application numbers for the kindergarten teacher educations have also fallen sharply, writes Klassekampen.

Both educations have a tradition of having a large predominance of female applicants.

– “It is startling that both the kindergarten teacher and teacher education have had a decrease in the number of applicants. I think young ladies have had enough of poor working conditions and low wages,” says Karl Øyvind Jordell, professor emeritus in pedagogy at the University of Oslo, to the newspaper.

This year, there were 1,148 fewer applicants who chose a type of teacher education as their first choice. This means a decrease of 8.1 percent. The decrease was 7.3 percent for the kindergarten teacher education.

– “We have come to the point where we must put greater focus on wage conditions. Five-year teacher education can also possibly be a deterrent to some applicants,” says Jordell.

Another female-dominated education that scores worse is the nursing education. Although the education has an increase in the number of applicants, this is less than the general increase in applicants for higher education.

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