FHI study: School children rarely pass on coronavirus to others

SchoolPhoto: Megan Soule / Unsplash

Primary school students rarely pass on the coronavirus in schools, a new study from Norway’s National Institute of Public Health (FHI) shows.

“Our study shows that there is very low child-to-child and child-to-adult infection in primary schools,” senior researcher and project manager Brita Askeland Winje at the FHI noted.

The study included 292 school-related contacts of 13 children who tested positive for coronavirus in Oslo and Viken. 

The children have been followed systematically, and all their school-related contacts have been tested twice.

Important results

The results indicate that the infected children passed on the infection to a small extent. 

Only two out of the 238 pupil contacts and one of the 58 employee contacts were later diagnosed with the coronavirus.

These cases can – but do not have to – be related, Winje emphasized.

“These are important findings in light of the situation and the debate about school closures and extensive use of quarantine for children,” the FHI researcher concluded.

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