Finance and administration most popular among Norwegian students

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Last year, one in ten students in Norway chose to enroll in a three-year bachelor’s degree in economics and administrative subjects – the most popular study program in 2020.

With a student share of 10%, three-year bachelor’s programs in economics and administrative subjects were the most popular study in Norway last year – both among men and women, whose share is 13% and 8%, respectively, according to new figures from the annual statistics in Students in Higher Education (Statistics Norway).

Economics and administrative subjects also have the most gender-balanced student body, with 52% of men and 48% of women.

In second and third place, we find bachelor educations in social sciences and legal subjects, and nursing – both with student shares of more than 5 percent, Statistics Norway (SSB) reports.

Variations according to gender

Among male students, a bachelor’s degree in engineering and natural science, then craft and technical subjects are in second and third place. 8% and 7% of male Norwegian students attend these studies, respectively.

The second most popular studies for women are bachelor’s degrees in nursing and social sciences and law. Nearly 8% of female students take a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Among the students who take a bachelor’s degree in nursing, 86% are women, and 14% are men.

The distribution is reversed among students taking bachelor’s degrees in engineering, with a female share of only 20%.

New record

At the same time, a record was set in the number of people taking higher education last year with 306,400 people, 10,200 more than in 2019. That is the first time more than 300,000 Norwegian students have been registered.

About 40% of them are men, and 60% are women. Furthermore, 96% of the students were registered at a university or college in Norway, while the remaining 4% were students abroad.

According to the figures, 68% of the students in Norway were in the process of completing a university or college education at a lower level.

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