The Crown Prince Couple launches «Flow»

Flow Youth PlayThe Flow program starts up in Sarpsborg and Hurdal during the winter holidays. The hope is that there will eventually be a nationwide offer in Norway. Photo: Katrine Lunke Apeland

The Crown Prince Couple’s Fund launches «Flow» in Norway

The Crown Prince Couple’s Fund (CPCF) launches the «Flow» (Flyt) program. A workshop for the future will provide Norwegian youth with roadmaps to their grown-up lives.

“Youngsters have to make many choices, and many find it difficult to choose correctly. Our «Flow» program will help them to look ahead and plan how they will realise the life they wish for,” CEO of the Crown Prince Couple’s Fund, Irene Lystrup, explains.

The CPCF has supported projects to engage and include youth in society Since 2011. With Flow, the fund presents its first homespun project. It is based on thorough studies of the needs of youth today.

The «Flow» program starts in Sarpsborg and Hurdal during the winter holidays. The hope is that there will eventually be a nationwide offer. 

“Flow is a familiar concept in psychology. It describes a situation where you are motivated, satisfied and totally committed to what you are doing. Our goal with «Flow» is to help young people make good choices in the transition from lower to higher secondary school,” Lystrup elaborates.

Several gatherings

The program is carried out in collaboration with the municipalities. Students in the 9th grade have applied to participate. It starts with four-day gatherings during the winter holidays and continues with ten gatherings in afternoons. In the autumn there will be a solemn ceremony.

About 65 youngsters participate in this first round. They will, among other things, make their own roadmaps for the future.  

“We are pleased that the Crown Prince Couple’s Fund is launching «Flow» here in Hurdal. I know that the local youths are looking forward to participating,” Mayor of Hurdal Municipality, Runar Bålsrud, smiles.

The program is developed by the CPCF in collaboration with the Egmont Foundation and Wilstar. The organisation Adults for Children has contributed to the development of academic content. Fafo will research on the program.

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