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Four out of ten police graduates permanently employed

Police students in Oslo receive their diplomasPolice students in Oslo receive their diplomas.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Nearly the entire year – 96 percent – who graduated from the Police Academy last year, got a  position with a police force.

Many have temporary jobs and shorter engagements as their first job. According to the Justice Ministry, 40 percent of the graduates from 2015 have got permanent employment.
– There are not many places where you are offered a permanent job from day one, so as many as 40 percent is an incredibly nice number, said Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen (FRP).
Before year-end, the proportion who were working in the police was 91 percent, and the proportion rose to 96 percent during the winter.
From the previous year  several  are now in permanent positions. From the class  of 2014, 97 percent were employed in the police, of which 83 percent have permanent positions.
An overview shows that there were a total of 16,114 full-time positions in the police last year, including police trained personnel, lawyers and civilian employees. This is an increase of about 1,800 from 2012.
– We have increased the number by one thousand  police jobs since October 2013. Many have gone out to the police districts, some went to the Police Immigration section and other special agencies have also received extra resources, says Anundsen.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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