Girls have more school stress than boys

StudyStudy.Photo: Pixabay

A new report shows that girls are more vulnerable to school-related stress than boys. According to several studies, the pressure is greatest for 15 year old girls.


On behalf of the Ministry of Education, the Knowledge Center for Education (KSU) has prepared a report on reasons for school stress. The report is based on 33 scientific studies conducted in 28 countries.

In a press release, knowledge minister Henrik Asheim (H) says that school-related stress and the proportion of young people reporting mental disorders have increased in Norway in recent years.

“This is a serious development,” said Asheim.

According to the report, stress in school is an imbalance between requirements and expectations, and support and resources. The pupils’ expectations of themselves and expectations from school, parents, teachers and society are all factors.

The results show that girls are far more prone to mental disorders and school-related stress than boys. Several studies show that 15-year-old girls experience the greatest amount of school pressure.

– Several of the studies indicate that students can stress each other out, especially girls. School management must therefore do its best to counteract the stress culture among the students, says Asheim.

According to the Minister of Knowledge, public health and food is one of three interdisciplinary themes that will be included in all school curricula.

“The government has also strengthened the school health service considerably, and by 2018 we propose to continue the funds with just over one billion kroner,” says Asheim.

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