Giske wants agreement on Norwegian education policy

Trond Giske Labour School Education policyFormer Deputy Leader of Labour , Trond Giske

Giske wants agreement on Norwegian education policy

If Trond Giske (AP) becomes Minister of Knowledge after the election, he wants to invite today’s Government parties to negotiate a settlement on education policy.


– I think we should have had a broad school policy settlement along the same lines as the kindergarten settlement, he says to the newspaper Klassekampen.

The last time Labour (AP) determined the education policy, Giske himself was Minister for Education for one and a half year in Stoltenberg’s first Government in 2000. He thinks that is not good enough.

– We are Norway’s largest party, and school is perhaps the most important thing for the future. It does not sufficient for a large party to have been responsible for the area for just 18 months of the past 20 years, says Giske.

NOK 20 billion every year

He believes that it should be possible for a wide majority to agree on how to organize teacher education and to hire more teachers.

The inspiration for the settlement comes from the kindergarten settlement, where all parties in the Parliamet agree on common goals regarding kindergartens.

Giske says the kindergarten settlement has secured NOK 20 billion more towards nurseries every year.

– A corresponding sum for the school area would solve all the economic challenges in the Norwegian school. But even half had been a small revolution. An increase of many billion is within reach, says Giske.


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