The government raises requirement to grade 3 in maths for nursing students

Nursing studentsNursing students

The government will tighten the academic requirements to get into nursing education. From autumn 2019, applicants must achieve grade 3 in maths, and Norwegian, to enter a study program.


With the new requirements, the government hopes to strengthen the quality of education. Applicants must have achieved grade 3 in mathematics in upper secondary education, and an average of at least grade 3 in Norwegian language.

Knowledge Minister, Henrik Asheim of Høyre (H), indicated that nurses need mathematical skills to handle drugs.

‘Proper administration of medicines is crucial to patient safety,’ he said.

Asheim believes that the requirement for grade 3 in Norwegian language will improve communication between nurses and patients.

‘Good communication, both written and oral, is important. This is particularly true in communicating with patients’, said the minister.

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