Government to strengthen vocational schools

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The Government wants to strengthen vocational schools around the country, and granted NOK 40 million in development funds to raise the quality of vocational school education.

The award is made through the new directorate, Diku, which was established last year.

‘’These funds will increase the quality of vocational education. Several vocational schools will now be able to develop new offers, buy new equipment, and develop digital learning materials. It is important that
the vocational schools are up-to-date and educate students so that they can meet the needs of the business sector’’ said Minister of Education and Research, Jan Tore Sanner of Høyre (H).

Altogether, there are 22 vocational schools divided into 16 counties that will receive support in 2019.

Areas such as construction, maritime subjects, robotics, health sciences, and aerospace subjects are among those represented.

The largest grants go to interdisciplinary and construction subjects at the Norwegian School of Applied Sciences in Hordaland, which received NOK 5.4 million. Electricity subjects and health sciences at the Inland School of Business will receive NOK 4.9 million, and maritime subjects at Nordland vocational school will receive NOK
3.9 million.

‘’Norway will need up to 100,000 more skilled workers by 2030, and we are in the middle of an important restructuring in the Norwegian economy and in business. Therefore, there are a wide range of subject areas that are allocated funds, and this initiative results in many students and industries gaining new and exciting knowledge. The Government wants to help improve the vocational schools, and we do so with this award’’ said Sanner.

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