Hectic exam time for 240,000 youths

StudentStudent.Photo pixabay.com

This morning at 9 o’clock, all 10th graders gets to know which subjects they will get on their exams. 240,000 students will spend the following weeks preparing for a challenging exam time.


Only May 15, secondary students will receive notice in which order the subjects and dates they will be taking their exams.

In total, 275,000 exams will be conducted in as many as 408 different subjects. For the 10th graders, the exam begins with mathematics on Wednesday, May 16th and continue through June 5th.

New this year is the opportunity to use the internet during the exam in seven subjects.

– “For the exam to reflect the training, students and private students will be given access to the internet during the exam in some subjects. The Internet is a key tool both in school and in everyday life, and not least in the workplace for which students are preparing for,” says Marthe Akselsen, Director General of the Directorate for Education.

It is the county authorities that are responsible for the conduct of both oral and written exams.


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