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High number of students cheat

Several are offered higher educationEducation.Photo:


67 students were complained about in allegations last year, three more than in 2016. The total number of cheating cases is significantly higher, according to the complaint committee.


The figures show a fairly stable amount of cases of those being accused appearing in the annual report of the Joint Complaints Board. In 2017, the board handled 67 complaints about students who had cheated on examinations or other parts of their studies according to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.

‘’These are only those cases that are accused by the students. The total number in the entire university and college sector is therefore much higher,’’ said Marianne Klausen, chairperson of the complaints committee.

Most of the complaints involved cheating in connection to an exam, usually plagiarism,illegal use of an aid or illegal cooperation.

“We see clearly that the number of cheating cases is increasing. What will be the result after the exam period at Christmas, we can only fear. Nearly 60 complaints already in the first half year is a high number. 2018 looks, unfortunately, to be a year of gloomy numbers for the number of cheating cases at university and college level,’’ said Klausen.

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