High peer pressure for drinking alcohol among students

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A new study shows more than half of Norwegian students say they experience pressure from fellow students for stretching their own boundaries for drinking alcohol. This trend is disturbing, Vinmonopolet believes.

About one in three feel pressured to drink more than they are comfortable with, according to the survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of Vinmonopolet.

“It is worrying that the peer pressure is so high among the younger ones. Many in this group have little knowledge of their own boundaries, and many have a great desire to fit in. In that case, it can be extra difficult to withstand this pressure”, says CEO Elisabeth Hunter in Vinmonopolet.

Female students experience drinking pressure to a greater extent than male students, the survey shows.

It is Buddies and fellow students who contribute the most to the drinking pressure, and only one in three believe that it is socially accepted not to drink at a student event.

The study also shows that almost half of the students drink weekly. Nearly half usually drink at least three units of alcohol when drinking. Eight out of ten drink at least once a month.

Regular drinking – mostly men 
At the same time, there are big differences between the sexes concerning drinking habits. Twice as many male students drink each week compared to female students.

“Young men drink both more frequently and more than girls. But the survey also shows that men’s consumption follows “either/or principle”, while girls to a greater extent have an even spread in the intake”, says Hunter.

The survey also shows that male students more often encourage their fellow students to drink, while female students take greater responsibility for their drunken friends.

Partying in the «time of the corona» In recent weeks, a lot of attention has been given to students’ and young people’s party habits with regards to infection control rules. Both the police and the government have repeatedly called for stepping down from partying.
According to Hunter, the study shows that young adults have generally reduced their alcohol consumption this summer, but she points out that semester start may reverse this trend.

“Alcohol and partying among students all over the country is especially disturbing at a time like this, as high alcohol consumption weakens the immune system and makes us more susceptible to COVID-19. Additionally, it reduces our judgment capacity and makes it easier for us to break the infection control rules”, Hunter points out.

434 young students participated in the survey, which was conducted between the 2nd and 16th of July this summer.

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