High school bullies may be moved by force

King Harald camp schoolHM King Harald visits the Haraldvigen camp school in Kristiansand. Photo : Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

High school bullies may have to change schools

The Norwegian Government proposes that pupils who bully can be forced to move to another high school. “We must ensure a safe and good school environment for all pupils. Change of school must only be used as a last resort in the most serious cases,” Minister of Knowledge and Integration, Jan Tore Sanner (Conservatives), states. The bill is one of several legislative proposals that the Minister of Education is issuing to the Norwegian Parliament.

In the Government’s proposal for changes to the Education Act, it is proposed that one should be able to move pupils in upper secondary school against the will of the pupil and parents when the needs of fellow students demand it. This is already an option in primary school.

“Mandatory change of school should not be a simple solution, but I believe that it should be possible to instruct pupils to change school when the interests of others dictate that,” Sanner believes.

Sex abusers cannot be employed in high school

The Government also proposes a ban in high schools and folk high schools against hiring persons who are convicted of sexual abuse against minors. This prohibition applies already in primary school.

“Youngsters in high school should be able to have trust in, and good, safe relations with all school employees. Prohibition of employment will apply if one is convicted of sexual assault against minors and this is on the criminal record . We believe the concern of children and youngsters in this context weighs heavier than the opportunity for criminals to work in the school system,” The Cabinet Minister asserts.

The municipalities must have a free camp school offer

The third bill to be issued to the Norwegian Parliament is about camp school. About 20 per cent of the pupils in primary and lower secondary school currently has no camp school offer whatsoever. The Government now wants the municipalities to be obliged to offer camp school stays or other school trips with accommodation as part of primary education.

“Some municipalities today say no to trips and are depending on self-financing by parents and pupils through lottery sales, volunteering and donations. We do not want that. We want to ensure that all pupils go on a school trip during primary school – independent of parental income and which municipality they grow up in,” Minister of Knowledge and Integration Jan Tore Sanner informs.

It is currently up to each school owner whether they want to offer this.

Kven Language

Proposals are, furthermore, issued to clarify the right to education in the Kven language in primary school. This is a follow-up of the Government’s Targeted Plan for the Kven language 2017–2021.

The Government, finally, proposes to legislate a right for all the organizations of the National Cooperation Council for vocational studies, to be represented on the boards of the county municipal vocational studies committees.

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