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Skills to complete higher education can be inherited

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Skills needed to complete higher education can be inherited

Students who come from a home where the parents have completed higher education, also complete the studies more often than students with parents who have only primary school.


Statistics Norway (SSB) has followed students who started university or college in 2008. The goal was to review how many completed the degree that they started.

About 25 percent took a master’s degree or education at a higher level. A total of 66 percent of the students completed within eight years. This is a small increase from 1998, where the proportion was 61 per cent, writes Dagens Næringsliv (DN).

There is a strong correlation between the parents’ higher education and the student’s degree of completion.

“Although we want everybody to have equal opportunities to take education, backgrounds have a lot to say.”

Strong correlation 

Those who come from home with parents with high education are completing more education and the differences increase when parents have taken more than four years of higher education.

The higher education one of the parents has, the more the proportion of students completes”, says Sadiq Kwesi Boateng at Statistics Norway to DN.

Among the students with parents with higher education lasting for more than four years, 78 percent achieved a degree after eight years. By comparison, only 46 percent of the students who had parents with only primary education completed their degree.


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