ICT Norway concerned about digital divide in schools

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OIKT Norway is concerned about the large differences in digital competence that Norwegian schoolchildren acquire.

The trade organisation reacted after a survey showed that six out of ten seventh graders are using digital equipment less often than once a week in the main school subjects like math and Norwegian.

It comes from a report by the Centre for ICT in education, which was presented on NRK news on Saturday.

– ICT Norway is concerned about the situation in Norwegian schools.

It is often a case of bingo as to which school you attend – and often what teacher you have – that determines whether students get good digital literacy, Writing Communications Director Line Gaare Paulsen stated in an email.

In addition to buying digital learning materials instead of books and “equiping all schools as modern workplaces,” she is concerned about ensuring teachers have sufficient expertise and are confident in the use of digital equipment in the classroom.

Furthermore, Director Trond Ingebretsen at the Centre for ICT in Education points out the combination of lack of equipment and lack of expertise among teachers, school administrators and municipalities. He stated to NRK that it goes beyond the students.

– Students do not develop the digital skills they need later in their schooling and in the workplace. We have another report showing that one in four 15 year olds lack digital literacy.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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