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IT industry demands coding in the school


IT industry organizations unite in a common requirement for the next year’s budget. They want to make coding mandatory in schools, create 1,000 new study places and identify the need for labor.

– The government fails kids and the future if they do not now step up the teaching of coding in primary schools, construct 1,000 more IT admissions and create a strategy for raising the digital competence of all professions, says CEO Heidi Austlid in ICT Norway.

Together with employee organizations NITO and Tekna and employer organization Abelia demands ICT Norway a national effort to raise IT skills in Norway.

Lagging behind

Basically good, but international rankings show that we lag behind, says CEO Håkon Haugli of Abelia.

– Investing in digital skills in children, students, workers and senior managers are both essential for the individual and for our ability to change, industrial development and to meet major societal challenges such as health and climate, said Haugli.

IT organizations shows that a group of experts recommend creating a new technology subject in the school where students receive training in programming.

From this autumn, school students in 146 schools got an offer of coding as a subject that one could pick. But it is far from enough, according to the organizations.

Ap: – Important knowledge

Labor deputy Trond Giske, who heads Parliament’s education committee, says Labor is ready to follow up the demands of the IT industry.

The party promoted on Tuesday a representative proposal for a national strategy for digitization and overview of the digital state of the Norwegian school.

– We will implement all the requirements that the IT sector requires. Coding is going to be important knowledge for students when they enter the workforce, Giske said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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