Kristiansand schools may prohibit so-called ‘smart watches’ in school

Smart watchesSmart watches.Photo:

The ‘Childhood Director’ (Oppvekstdirektøren) in Kristiansand will prohibit schoolchildren from having smart watches in classrooms. The reason is a fear that parents or guardians could be enabled to monitor classroom teaching from outside.

Some smart watch makes it possible to connect calls without the pupil pressing an acceptance to the conversation, reported NRK news.

You can call up, and listen around the clock.

‘We would be challenged with maintaining the privacy of fellow students, teachers or any others who are in the vicinity’, said school adviser, Ole Wongraven, the director of staff in Kristiansand.

The directorate sent a letter to schools in the municipality that smart watches should be put in the school-sack of the students until they go home.

‘Parents and guardians are allowed to listen to their children’s activity. But they have no right to monitor the activities happening within school’, wrote teaching director, Arild Rekve.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today