Large differences between High Schools

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Large differences between High Schools in Norway

The school contribution indicator for 2017/18 shows great differences between the counties in Norway and between individual High Schools. Oslo is the dunce while Hedmark shows the way.


– There are large variations between the Norwegian counties and major differences between the High Schools in one and the same county. It’s important to be open about the results so that the school owners can scrutinize themselves and improve, Minister of Knowledge and Integration, Jan Tore Sanner (Conservatives), comments.

The school contribution indicator for the school year 2017/18 is ready, and each and every High School can check how they are faring in the process of getting the students through their education.

Oslo remains the dunce

The upper secondary schools in Oslo is on average among the country’s worst when it comes to getting the students to complete their education with grades in all subjects.

The average number of schools with study preparation programs in each county shows that Hedmark reigns on the top of the students who have passing grades in all subjects.

The higher education programs in Oslo, Rogaland, West & East Agder and Vestfold are together with Finnmark, to be found below the median.

In vocational education, the upper secondary schools in Hedmark are also located at the top compared to the national median. After Hedmark follows Sogn & Fjordane and Oppland. Oslo scores the lowest once again, just below Vestfold.

Check your school

– I expect the schools to use this survey to learn from each other and to address their own challenges, the Minister of Knowledge states.

The results for each school are published on the Norwegian School Portal. The school contribution indicator shows which grade the students achieve and how many students are attending higher education. This is weighed according to the parents’ educational background and a few other social variables.

School Portal – Final grades

Indicator and key grades2013-20142014-20152015-20162016-20172017-2018
Maths 1P-Y vocational3.
Maths 1P study preparation3.
Maths 2P study preparation3.
Maths 2P-Y Add-on3.
Maths 1T-Y vocational3.
Maths 1T study preparation3.
Norwegian vocational3.
Norwegian study preparation3.
Norwegian B-language study preparation3.
Norwegian Add-on3.
Norwegian B-language Add-on3.
English study preparation4.
English vocational3.
Social studies4.
Science vocational3.
Science study preparation4.
Science Add-on3.


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