Large majority in favour of Christmas religious worship at school

Christmas in churchChristmas in church.Photo: Pixabay

Seven out of ten of those polled for a survey carried out by Infact Norway AS, believe that principals should facilitate for students to attend school worship before Christmas.

‘The majority of support for religious services before Christmas is massive’, according to ‘Infact’s’ chief, Knut Weberg.

‘There is a majority of people in favour of school services in all age groups, in all regions and among both sexes’, he said.

In all groups except one, there are between 60 and 80% in favour of principals sending students to school sponsored religious worship before Christmas. Among people aged between 18 and 29, only 50.4% were positive to the idea, while 30.3% were not.

‘Support for Christmas services extends far beyond those people that consider themselves personally Christian. This ensures cultural continuity. It is a part of our cultural background, and therefore is something students should gain experience of in connection with the Christmas season’, said Weberg.

Press Officer of the Norwegian Humanist Association (NHA), Jens Brun-Pedersen, said he had expected greater resistance.

‘This is a pretty emotional theme and is closely associated with Christmas; it might be enough to emphasize it here.

It has less to do with Christmas school worship as such, and more to do with what kind of public school system we should have for our children’, said Brun-Pedersen.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today