Learning Norwegian at work

Norwegian Course LearningSatisfied shopkeepers at «Gutta på Haugen» (The boys in the hood) in Oslo practice customer relations. Photo: NPJ

Learning the Norwegian language at work

In some workplaces in Norway, you can make do with little or no command of the language. Most, however, require various levels of proficiency in Norwegian. Language is your gateway to Norway.


Hairdresser Antonio

Hairdresser Antonio (28) at «Salong Saxophone» in Halden benefits immensely from speaking Norwegian both at work and with his friends. Now he, for example, can answer the phone at work.

Some learn Norwegian through the introductory course offered by NAV,  fork out from their own pockets or similar.

Businesses and employees share the same ideal, namely people with proficiency in Norwegian.

Learning the language in the workplace is not only a win-win situation in general terms, but offers the opportunity to learn it a tailored way, focusing on professional and industry-specific terms.

Norskkurs på jobben (Norwegian Courses at work) is a company consisting of dedicated teachers specialising in increasing the proficiency in the Norwegian language among employees, in – and at – the workplace.

Happy to get a Norwegian course at work

Marta (28), Hairdresser, who loves to attend the Norwegian language course, says:

“I can talk to children and old customers who do not speak English. I have not received any new assignments, but I am doing the old ones better.”

Do you think it’s easier to live in Norway when you speak Norwegian?

“But, of course! I understand everything better. For example; I communicate better with my colleagues and my boss. ”

Norskkurs på jobben arranges a company-based Norwegian language course with funds from Kompetanse Norge (Competence Norway). The funds are granted once a year to businesses with unskilled or trained foreign staff who speak little or no Norwegian. The courses consist of business-oriented education in Norwegian, combining what the employees need, both in the workplace and in everyday life.

During a course, much is being done to emulate authentic dialogue with customers and colleagues. The participants learn, for example, how to write discrepancy reports, fill in sick leave forms and read signs and other HMS-related information in their workplace.

At Bomekan in Vestfold, the teacher is participating in a safety course together with the employees, so that she can use the content in her subsequent teaching. At Tesla in Sandnes, teaching takes place both in the workshop and the meeting room.

Participants Experiences

Participants sharing some of the experiences they’ve had after attending a Norwegian language course at their workplace:

Robertas (27), Electric Car Mechanic

How do you use what you learn in the Norwegian course at work and in daily life?

“I use a lot of the words I learned in the Norwegian course at work with my colleagues during lunch and at work in general.”

Do you think it’s easier to live in Norway when you know Norwegian?

“But of course!!!”

Wojciech, (45) Electric Car Mechanic

How do you like to attend the Norwegian course?

“The teacher is very good. We learn a lot from him. I think I have made great progress with the Norwegian language.”

Have you been given any new tasks?

“There are no new tasks, but I feel and think it’s better to talk to the others in Norwegian.”

Is it easier to live in Norway when you speak the language?

“I can read newspapers, watch TV and talk to colleagues. It’s easier to shop, go to a doctor and to get new Norwegian friends.

What are your views on attending a course in Norwegian?

“I like talking about working life. It is easier to live in Norway because I understand everyone and answer in Norwegian. The Norwegian course helps me with everything. ”


«Language, your gateway to Norway»


About Norskkurs på jobben (For your Business)

Please refer to this article and links to your employer, Norskkurs på jobben does not deal with employees regarding this.

Read more about the language courses (in Norwegian) here.

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Norskkurs på jobben (Norwegian Courses at work) arrange courses all year round, but to apply for free courses from Kompetanse Norge, the application deadline is November 30th, 2018.

The Language courses are held at the workplace. Duration 3-6 hours per week.


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