Many Oslo youth seek vocational education and training


Professional subjects such as construction, electrics, and health and upbringing have received more applicants in Oslo.There are also many young people who are applying for an apprenticeship.


The deadline for applications for a place in high school expired on the 1st of March. In the capital there were 6,051 applicants from youth with first grades in upper secondary school. That is 151 more than at the same time last year. There were 85 more applicants for vocational education, and 66 more for preparatory study education programs.

“I am pleased that the number of applicants for vocational education in upper secondary education in Oslo has increased. Construction had a slight, but positive, increase from the ground level of 96 applicants in 2016/2017, and now reached
141. Electronics continued to be popular. The same applies to health and upbringing’’, said city council leader, Raymond Johansen of Arbeiderpartiet (Ap).

There are 977 primary applicants from Oslo for apprenticeship,of whom 714 are youth. The corresponding figure for 2017 was 947 and 694. There were a total of 30 more applicants for apprenticeships this year than last.


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