Studies-Men in clear majority

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A total of 15 200 students were registered in post-secondary vocational education in autumn 2015; a decline of about 800 students compared with the previous year.

Approximately 60 per cent of the students were in 2-year programmes, and men made up a clear majority, with 80 per cent.

Sixty-two per cent of the students in post-secondary vocational education are men. The most popular field of education for men is Natural sciences, vocational and technical subjects. As much as 70 per cent of men were enrolled in these programmes.

The second largest field of education among the post-secondary vocational education programmes, and the field most dominated by women is Health, welfare and sport. Forty-three per cent of female students are taking programmes in this field, compared with three per cent of male students. This is a reflection of the large gender disparity in choice of field of education.


Source: SSB / Norway Today