Mental health now coming on the curriculum

StudyStudy.Photo: Pixabay

85 percent of all Norwegians believe children and young adults need to learn more about mental health at school. So autumn 2018, the subject will be on the curriculum in the upper secondary schools in Østfold.


It is through the 2018 Health Policy Survey that 85 percent responded that they consider it important that children and young people learn about mental health at school in order to understand themselves and meet the challenges of life in a positive way.

Over a quarter of the youth in upper secondary schools struggle with the psychology. A survey from Oslo University College and Akershus from 2017 showed that 28 percent of the students had felt unhappy, sad or depressed the last week before the survey was conducted.

From autumn 2018, upper secondary schools in Østfold will begin with a class for mental health on its curriculum. Through up to ten double hours, students will learn about mental health.

From 2020, mental health will enter the educational curriculum of all the upper secondary schools in the country.

– It is O.K. to feel all the feelings we have.
“Life is not just uphill and everything is good. It may seem like that on social media, but it is allowed to have other feelings,” says Isabell Christoffersen, a teacher at Askim High School.

Together with 170 other teachers, she will teach students about mental health.


Source: NRK /  #Norway Today