More and more corona cases are being reported in kindergartens and schools in Oslo

Oslo corona testingPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

The number of corona cases in Oslo increased from 730 in week 7 to 1,124 in week 8. The growth is greatest among children between 0 and 9 years, and more and more children are getting infected at school.

The number of infections in the capital in week 8 is at the same level as in week 1, Oslo Municipality wrote in its weekly report.

More infection cases were registered only in weeks 46 and 47 in 2020. 

The proportion of positive corona tests in Oslo has increased significantly, from 2.96% to 4.63%. That means that almost one in 20 people that tested for coronavirus in Oslo had the virus.

From week 7 to 8, there was an increase in infection in the number of cases in all age groups except in the group 70–79 and 90+.

Largest infection increase among children

By far the largest increase, however, was among children aged 0 to 9, where the number of cases increased from 61 to 154 between weeks 7 and 8. That corresponds to an increase of 152%.

In the entire group 0 to 19 years, 39% of those infected are assumed to have been infected in kindergarten or school, a total of 139 people. That is a sharp increase from the previous week.

Among the districts, Alna had the highest number of new cases. As many as 149 new infection cases were registered among the district’s inhabitants, compared with 73 the week before.

The largest total infection pressure is in the neighboring district of Stovner, while Ullern has the fewest infected and the lowest infection pressure.

In total, 2.9% of the population in Oslo had COVID-19. That corresponds to about one in 35. In Stovner, the percentage is 5.5%, or over one in 20, while in Nordre Aker, it is 1.6%.

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