Difficult to get internships for immigrants

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More difficult to get learning places for immigrant youth

Youth with an immigrant background struggle more than others to get an education. This is shown in a new analysis from the Directorate of Education.


The analysis shows that among young people who have immigrated to Norway, 57.9% received education, while among Norwegian-born adolescents with two foreign-born parents, 58.3% received an internship in 2016 and 2017.

Among the rest of the youth, the proportion was 75%.

“There is a lot going on with the professions. Many people are taking vocational education, and more and more are getting an education. At the same time, vocational students with an immigrant background are more often struggling to get into teaching companies. I want more people to get the opportunity to complete trade apprenticeships because that’s the key to working life and to be well integrated,’’ said Minister of Knowledge and Integration, Jan Tore Sanner of Høyre (H).

Absence and grades

The analysis also showed that immigrant youth applying for an apprenticeship on average have higher absenteeism and lower grades than other youth, and they are more and more showing parents with only primary education.

However, the Directorate of Education believes that it is too early to conclude that this is the whole explanation and will, therefore, investigate the issue in 2019.

The analysis also showed that nearly 70% of girls with an immigrant background received an internship, while only about 55% of boys received it.

By 2017, there were almost 29,000 applicants for apprenticeships. It is the highest number of applicants since 2011. All in all, 72% received them, which is a new record.


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