Muslim school linked to a article about beating children



Islam School Bærum shared links on their facebook page to articles with advice about hitting children as part of their upbringing. The CEO for the school says this is not a part of the school’s policy.

In an article on on how to get pious and obedient children stood among other things that “as a last resort, and if it becomes necessary, you can hit your child,” writes Vårt Land.

Hitting children is against norwegian laws.

Admittedly the article lists up certain restrictions, like you can not hit their face or in the stomach or hit so hard that it causes cuts or bruises. This is not first time it’s been linked to articles about the violence against children may be acceptable under certain conditions.

CEO Imran Mushtaq by Islam School Bærum says he did not know that such content was shared on the school’s facebook page.

– Probably there is a teacher with us who have found some useful points in the article, but have not noticed what it says about violence.

Nurturer Violence is not policy with us, and it does not occur at our school, says Mushtaq, who ensured that the links were removed. When asked if violence against children can be justified by Islam, he says:

– The texts are taken from a foreign context and is not in a Norwegian context. The Prophet is our best example, and he never beat a child throughout his life.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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2 Comments on "Muslim school linked to a article about beating children"

  1. Ibrahim kabba | 14. February 2017 at 20:20 |

    They are lying and lying. Orders Mohammad clear beat children without identification is absolute, and the teachings of Islamic Sharia law is clear not only hit the children, but can cut off the hand of the child if it is stolen and can be killed if a written response worthy of death without considering his age and the orders of the law which does not define marriage young Muhammad himself married old girl six years . How can such people be trusted to raise and educate children

  2. Mulugeta Haile | 9. April 2017 at 08:29 |

    Norwegians are so naive as to trust Moslem educators. Norwegian politicians must learn how Moslem scholars think. Their sole aim is the domination of Europe. Moslems openly claim this and they never accept Norwegian society which they consider as Kufar or unbelievers. So, it is high time Norwegian politicians come to their senses.

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