NC in School Lunch – three finalists selected

School Lunch foodThe Winners of NC in School Lunch 2016/2017. (Illustration), OFG.

NC in School Lunch – the three finalists determined

Lower secondary schools across the country have in February and March competed to become Norwegian Champions (NC) in School Lunch. Of the 68 registered teams from all over the country, three finalists are selected. The teams are from Hedmark, Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag.


We have had a large task of selecting the best contributions, but in the end, there were three teams who stood out as worthy finalists. The three teams are Foodforce from Tingvoll, Sunnhet (Health) from Dala in Brumunddal and Lunsjglede (Lunch Fun) from Levanger. These teams consist of food loving youth who have shown a special commitment towards the lunch offer at their schools, says project manager Silje Thoresen Tandberg.

The National Championships in School Lunch is a creative competition focusing on good diet and pleasure in food, where the pupils themselves come up with solutions to the school meals they wish for, regardless of whether they are eating food brought from home (matpakke) or it is talk of a school canteen. Students are challenged to whether the proposed lunch they put forward can be implemented in the school and if it is possible to work together with local actors to obtain lasting solutions to the meal situation at their respective schools.

– Our professional jury goes for a visit in week 15 to look at the contributions from the teams to evaluate what they have done and how they think their lunch idea can be implemented. There is no doubt that they are going to have a difficult decision to make to choose a final winner, Tandberg concludes.

The competition has as an overall aim to contribute to that most of the youngsters in school eat a proper meal in pleasant settings during the school day, and that they have an offer that is in line with the Directorate of Health’s dietary guidelines, the National Action Plan for Better Diet and National Food Guidelines for Food and meals in the secondary school.

Overview of the number of teams entered for NC in School Lunch by county

County Teams County Teams
Akershus 11 Aust Agder 5
Buskerud 4 Finnmark 4
Hedmark 3 Hordaland 3
Møre og Romsdal 10 Nordland 7
Oslo 2 Østfold 2
Rogaland 1 Sogn og Fjordane 1
Troms 1 Trøndelag 12
Vest- Agder 1 Vestfold 1


Facts about the National Championships in School Lunch

  • National competition, open to all lower secondary school students.
  • 68 teams entered from all 16 counties compete to be this year’s champion
  • The competition will be arranged for three school years running. This is the second time around.
  • The organizers are the information offices for agriculture (,, and and the Norwegian Seafood Council (
  • The competition is sponsored by the Norwegian Directorate for Health, the Norwegian Students Organization, the National Team for Food and Health in the School and the National Centre for Food, Health and Physical Activity. The Teachers Union, the Foods and Nutrition Association, FUG (The Parental Committee for Basic Education), The National Association of Health Sisters (NSF) and NHO – Food and Beverages sponsor the event.
  • The competition is funded by the Gjensidige Trust Fund (Gjensidigestiftelse).
  • The three finalists of the year will be visited by a professional jury at their schools during week 15, 2018. Lunch Fun from Levanger will be visited on April 9th, followed by Foodforce from Tingvoll on the 10th, and finally, Team Health from Dala in Brumunddal, will be visited the day after that.
  • All finalists will be awarded NOK 10,000.
  • After that the jury’s impression, together with the votes from the public – on the Facebook page nmilunsj – will determine the winner of the Norwegian Championships in School Lunch for the school year 2017/18.
  • The winner will be awarded another NOK 20,000 in addition to a visit from the jury and its partners who will provide a “school day out of the ordinary” on Tuesday, April 24th.
  • The prize money is dedicated to be used for initiatives that benefit the lunch environment of the school.
  • The competition builds on a concept that was inaugurated in the school year 2016/17 under the aegis of the Directorate of Health.

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