New approval scheme for foreign vocational education

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A new approval scheme will now make Norwegian employers feel more secure about what a foreign education corresponds to in Norway, says NOKUT.

Increased labour immigration to Norway in recent years has led to a need for an approval scheme for people who come to the country with vocational school education says the National Agency for Quality in Education (NOKUT) in a press release.

Now it will be easier for those with foreign education to bring their expertise into the Norwegian labour market.

‘’With this new approval scheme, it will be easier to use imported expertise in the Norwegian labour market and for further studies in Norway. At the same time, the scheme contributes to the employers becoming more secure about what the foreign education corresponds to in the Norwegian education system” said CEO, Terje Mørland, of NOKUT.

The scheme will also contribute to increased
internationalisation in Norwegian vocational education programs, and NOKUT’s approval schemes cover large parts of the education syllabus.

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