New rules for absence causes flu-queue with GPs

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GPs are experiencing a great influx of students who need sick leave for colds, after the new absence rules came into force.

A new and stricter absence policy means that high school students need to visit the doctor to document that they are ill,according to NRK news.

More than 10 percent undocumented absence in a subject will as a general rule mean no grades.

In Førde, Sogn og Fjordane, there was a large influx of student visiting the GPs last week,because of a flu wave.
– These are basically people who would not normally had the need to go to the doctor, who now contacts him or her,   head of the medicinal department  at Førde medical center, Mariann Kapstad, says.

She says  a good number of hours that are set aside for “urgent care” patients, have been used for writing medical certificates for students.

Kari Sollien, chairman of the Association of General Practitioners, said it is common that many students become ill shortly after starting school. And since many do not know whether they will exceed the new limit during the year, many  of them want a medical certificate just to be on the safe side.

– There is no need to consult a doctor if you will only be absent from school for a day or two. It is only if you begin to approach the absence limit that it might be a good idea to visit a doctor for documentation,  Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today