New teaching in Oslo schools about sex and harassment

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From autumn, students in upper secondary schools in Oslo will learn about sexuality, boundary setting, and harassment.

‘’We want this to contribute to creating stronger awareness and dialogue on gender, gender roles, body, sexuality and identity, as well as harassment, violence and abuse’’ said the City Council for Growth and Knowledge’s Inga Marte Thorkildsen of Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV) to Aftenposten newspaper.

The new teaching is based on input from the students and will be aimed at students in the 9th grade in the secondary school and the 1st year in high school (college).

‘’We have listened to their feedback about sexual education today being a lot about the physical. The youth think it is so important to learn more about setting their own limits’’ said Thorkildsen to the newspaper.

Health workers at the school as well as professionals from the foundation “Sex and society” will participate in the new teaching program.

The teaching will consist of at least three school hours and will be tested at some schools this spring, before being launched at all Oslo schools in the autumn.

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