New test system in Norwegian schools to be ready in 2026

Guri MelbyPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

The new test system for assessing students in schools will be ready one year later than proposed by the Directorate of Education (Udir), according to Minister of Education Guri Melby (Liberal Party).

While the directorate planned for the new test regime to be ready for use in the school year 2024/2025, the government wants to spend more time on the development of and the facilities for the new tests. This means that the new test system will not be ready until 2026, according to Guri Melby.

“We are extending the phase we are in now, with the development of new tests and dialogue with the parties and the professional communities, by approximately one year in relation to what Udir proposed. The decisions about the structure of the tests will come in the spring,” Melby told news bureau NTB.

New test regime

The national tests will be replaced with a completely new test regime for students from second to tenth grade. Melby emphasizes that no decisions have been made yet. 

According to the schedule in the strategy, the autumn of 2021 will be set aside for review, while decisions about the structure of the tests will take place in the spring of 2022.

Rejects criticism

Melby rejects the criticism that she is planning a closed process, where actors in the school and education sector will not get the chance to speak out, as “nonsense” and denies that the work has been put on hold.

“The reason why we want to spend more time is precisely to ensure proper involvement. We would like to engage the entire sector and the professionals so that they can provide their input. We do not intend to sit in a closed room with this work,” she said.

In 2020, schools received new curricula and new content, and the tools that will be used to develop the quality of the schools will therefore be renewed and adapted to the new content. This applies, among other things, to national tests and the student survey.

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