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NHO says no to proposals to apprenticeship fund

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NHO says no to proposals to apprenticeship fund

The Educational Federation, The Trade Union (LO) and Minister of Knowledge Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (Conservatives) believes Norway should try the Danish method to get more apprenticeships. The Federation  of Norwegian Companies (NHO) says no.


It has been suggested from several parties to start an attempt with a so-called apprenticeship fund according to the Danish model in selected industries. There, all companies in the industry pay into the fund, and the companies that take on apprentices receives money from the fund to cover the expenses.

NHO will put its foot down on the proposal.

– It is deeply rooted that imposing an extra tax on companies is something we would rather not want, says Kristian Ilner, Senior Consultant for Competence and Innovation at NHO, to Klassekampen.

– The principle that everyone should contribute and take responsibility is good, but we are skeptical that it will be an all-encompassing financial commitment for all businesses, he says.

NHO believes that more companies commit themselves through intentional agreements and apprenticeship guarantees.

Figures from the Education Authority show a large lack of apprenticeships. According to the newspaper Klassekampen, six out of ten applicants from vocational subjects still have no apprenticeship this autumn.


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