Norwegian Business School cancels results after cheating

Norwegian Business SchoolBI.Norwegian Business School.Photo Kari Myhre

NHH has revealed five cases of exam cheating and cancels the scores for the midterm results.

The school discovered startlingly good results in various exam papers, writes BergensAvisen.
– We have received reports from several students that it cheating went on in the tests. This is supported by the results as several of the results were sensational. On this basis, the school  supports the assumption that there has been extensive cheating at midterm exams, says communications director Kristin R. Mo at the Norwegian School to the magazine Studvest. She says there is zero tolerance for cheating.
The Student Union is happy with the cancellation, saying it shows that cheating is taken seriously.
– But of course it is very unkind to students who have received these grades in an honest manner, says Nikolai Belsvik, who is the academic representative in the student union. The cancellation means that the upcoming exam will account for 100 percent of the end -of- year grade.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today